If you're a tax-exempt non-profit customer, we're here to help:
We understand that most non-profit agencies are tax-exempt. However, because our site is open to the public we have to charge sales tax as a default (to those customers living in any of the 6 states we are required to charge sales tax in.) Please fill out the form below in order to set up a tax-exempt account (log in will be required once we assign you an account.) You can also still check-out as a guest, and simply enter your Tax ID number during checkout, and you will not be charged sales tax. However, your exempt status will have to be confirmed before we ship, and there is a $25 service charge for those customers who wrongfully take advantage of this feature that are not actually tax-exempt. For customers requiring 30 day credit terms (checking out will essentially create a purchase order and we'll then invoice you upon shipment), this is also easy to do. Credit approval will be required first.

Our Address:
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Boonville, NY 13309 US
Phone: 800-328-8439

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